Past life reader Dominique Merlin told me in 1996 reading that I had been Caucasian; a soldier in the Colonial Wars in the mid 18th century on the east coast.  She continued that the spot on the back of my neck which periodically emits a viscous fluid is where I was struck by a poison arrow that killed me.  “It’s this body thinking its that body kicking out the poison; it’s cellular memory.”


Subsequently, I have learned that this was The Battle of Fort Bull, in Rome New York, 1756.  We British soldiers were ambushed by the French and Indians (as I then predicted, which the general laughed at stating “Feelings are for women! So go back to your post and report only actual enemy activity!!). 


Whereupon we were Bayoneted, musket shot, poison-arrowed, scalped, and finally burned: as an example to future would-be colonists.  As a sentinel then, I looked out upon the ancient Mounds of The Mound Builders, the Talligewi Giants.  The old ones.  Killed off by the Native American Indians ten thousand years earlier.  So, in this incarnation; when Jim Vieira’s banned TEDTalk reacquainted me with the Giants; I was off and running!  The book took two years to research, write, illustrate and self publish.


Presently I am writing its sequel Jamylah and the Giant’s Lost City.  Additionally, I am developing The Twist, my Spiral Escalator invention; along with nine other inventions.  I am also drafting a musical, and developing an employee-owned, vegan, environmentally conscious theme park and film studio.  We each of us are coders in a programmable universe; our ideas the universe instantly conspires to manifest.